A sweet awakening...

"Bonjour bonjour, mon petit amour"

At the Grand Paradis, in addition to bedtime stories, there are also stories that brighten the moment of awakening. In fact, where breakfast is served today, there was once the cinema and the ballroom. Tearful dramas were shown with the great Italian actors of the time as well as the comedians of Laurel and Hardy that aroused raucous laughter. During the musical festivals, accordion, trombone and drum players stood where the buffet is set up today and accompanied the dances and pirouettes of the tireless dancers until late at night. Drinking an aromatic coffee here and tasting the sweet or savoury delights is an experience within an experience.

Hours: from 8:00 am to 10:30 am, ideal for both early risers and for those who like to wake up a bit later