In Cogne, in winter...

...landscapes that speak straight to the heart

At Grand Paradis, the winter holiday is “soft” and day after day, gently, it turns into a crescendo of ever-changing experiences, suitable for all levels of skill. Cogne, by its nature and its environmentally conscious philosophy, has a predisposition for low impact sports such as quiet snowshoeing in the silent woods or cross-country skiing, with over 80 km of well-groomed trails. There are also original activities such as "Cramponnage"-- guided walks between waterfalls and frozen water slides with crampons on your feet.

To admire the crème de la crème of the four thousand m. Italian mountains, go up to the panoramic hamlet of Gimillan. From here, the view sweeps from the elegant Gran Paradiso to the majestic Mont Blanc... don't forget your camera! Or, stroll through the centre of Cogne, look for the famous iron fountain, discover the typical Aosta Valley architecture or local traditions such as the making of bobbin lace.