From 1899 to today

A history spanning three centuries

Hôtel du Grand Paradis is a historic hotel: of the first three hotels built in Cogne, it is the only one to still exist as such, since 1899. Initially passed to other owners, it is now an integral part of the Gérard family. A story made up of challenges, encounters, experiences, satisfaction, joy and even some goodbyes. Above all, a story that is principally female, as two key characters are certainly the enterprising great-grandmother Rosalia - who bought the hotel in 1931 - and grandmother Noemi, who subsequently took over the management of the hotel with great fortitude.

The Hôtel du Grand Paradis is mentioned for the first time and is owned by Julien Boch.
Don Gadin, the next owner, builds the second wing and remodels the existing structure.
In conjunction with the beginning of the mining of the magnetite deposits, the era of tourism begins.
The carriage road connecting with Aosta was completed and the railway line was completed in 1925.
Don Gadin disappears from the scene and Anselmine Carrel, his personal aide, takes his place.
Anselmine Carrel is in dire straits and is forced to sell the property. She sells it to Rouzaléye (Rosalia) Perret in Gérard, Filippo's great-grandmother, a woman of character who has been able to guarantee the livelihood of the entire family over the years. She has two children Pién (Cipriano) and René (Renato). The hotel is leased to Luigi Magnone of Genoa.
Cipriano, Filippo's grandfather - the current owner - is forced to give up his job as a baker for health reasons. On the suggestion of his wife Noemi, they decide to take over the management of the family hotel they had rented out for many years. Among the various maintenance works, they brought running water to all the rooms, a big step forward at the time.
Late 1950s
The baton passes to Giorgio, the youngest son of Cipriano and Noemi, together with his wife Renata.
Hôtel du Grand Paradis was radically renovated and reopened in June 1983.
Giorgio and Renata buy the barn adjacent to the hotel from an aunt, destined to become La Maison de René in 2016, following a major restoration.
Filippo enthusiastically takes over the management of the structure, driven by a genuine passion for hospitality.
The hotel is the protagonist of a renovation aimed at improving the environmental impact by reducing energy dispersion. In addition, there is a general renovation of the facade and part of the roof.