Cogne in autumn

A festival of colours and traditions

Your autumn holiday at Gran Paradis has the serene rhythm of the most relaxing season of the year, inviting you to slow down to observe nature as it prepares for its winter rest. The climate is ideal for hiking in the National Park with the little ones, but also for more demanding treks. Those who love photography will find the glimpses of the woods in full foliage incredibly evoctive, for an album of memories in warm tones.

Visiting Cogne and the surrounding villages in this period transmits timeless emotions, also thanks to some events that revive the past of the territory. The festival of "Lo Pan Ner" is one of these, when the ancient ovens of the valley are put back into operation and you can taste the traditional black bread. Or the “Devétéya é Féra de Cogne”, or the transhumance of the cows that come down from the mountain pastures in early autumn, to return to the stables and parade through the festively decorated streets of the town.