Be cool, be green

We are aware that our work can have effects on the local, regional and global environment. We are therefore committed everyday to reduce to a minimum the impact that our daily actions could have on the environment : – Energy : we are trying to reduce every electric energy consumption to preserve precious unrenewable resources  – Waste : we take into account environmental factors involved in the production, the use and eliminations of the product in every buying decision and operating activity. – Cogne Vacanze chose to use Eaux de la Vallée which means energy 100% hydroelectric that comes from 29 installations situated on the territory of the Aosta Valley. – on the roof of the new chalet of the swimming pool, we have installed a number of solar panels state-of-the-art which allows us to warm with the sunlight the water of our Wellness Center in an ecologic way. – Since summer 2012 is operational the unique central heating of our structures, which uses as combustible wood and waste of the latter, in addition to solar panels.

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